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Episode 19 – Lion le Lion

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Folk band Lion le Lion performed 5 songs across 2 sets, the first Arthur B act to ever do so, in what was possibly their last gig before one of them moved to Melbourne. Here’s 3 of those songs. Recorded 18th April 2012. For more songs and info, visit them at

Episode 19 – Lion le Lion.m4a (14.4 MB, 9m 54s)

Episode 6 – Pretty Plain

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Pretty Plain is a musical comedy duo made up of Hayley Neal and Lucy Mills. Their songs range from sarcastic commentaries to clever, catchy parodies. Their words, but we agree. They came to play one song, but we coerced them into playing two. Stalk them on Facebook.

Episode 6 – Pretty Plain.m4a (17.5 MB, 11m 22s)