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Episode 31 – Alison Avron

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The wonderfully talented Alison Avron plays three of her songs, “Free”, “Imaginary Boyfriend” and “By Your Side”, a few of which are on her new awesome EP By Your Side. Recorded 10th July 2013.

You can find out more about Alison on her website:

Follow her on Twitter @alisonavron, or like her on Facebook at alisonavronmusic

Alison also runs The Newsagency, a New York style boutique performance venue in Newtown, supporting local artists. She’s one of the good guys, so go check it out.

Episode 31 – Alison Avron.m4a (18.5 MB, 12m 40s)

Episode 29 – Jonathan Carpp

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Jonathan Carpp plays a cover of The Sporting Life by The Decemberists, followed by two of his own songs, Bystander and Can it Wait. Apologies for the clipped sound, we messed that up. Recorded 19th June 2013.

You can get more from Jonathan on is SoundCloud page:

Episode 29 – Jonathan Carpp.m4a (19.5 MB, 12m 53s)

Episode 12 – Charli Rainford

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Charli Rainford performs three of her almost hauntingly beautiful songs, “Mad Harry”, “Christmas in a Cage” and “Good Morning”. Go see her live, she’s awesome. Did I mention hauntingly beautiful? Recorded 12th October 2011.

Episode 12 – Charli Rainford.m4a (26.8 MB, 17m 18s)

Episode 11 – Stefano Cosentino

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Stefano Cosentino performs two of his songs. He also did a great cover of a popular 80s song, but we don’t have the rights to publish that bit, so you’ll have to go see him live to hear it. His personal projects can be found at “Sounds Around Me” @

Episode 1 – Stefano Cosentino.m4a (13.6 MB, 8m 36s)